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Before Purchasing

Things To Consider

Before Purchasing A Murphy Bed
Before Purchasing A Murphy Bed You should first measure the room “wall space” where you want us to install the Murphy Bed. Whether it’s a bed by it’self with cabinets, a library system or  a whole Home office corner group. Measure from wall to wall clear of any obstructions in the way. Also make sure that there is plenty of room for the “Height” cabinets to enter the room through your halls, like  “drop ceilings”. If there is a drop ceiling… let us know in advance to accommodate for that drop in height. Visit Our Showroom, let us know what you have in mind or what size bed you’d like and with your wall measurements we can tailor a murphy bed to fit your exact needs.


We Also do “In-home Estimates” which we’re able to give you a rendering of the room with what your murphy bed would look like in it before you even purchase.