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We’re always concerned about the safety and proper operation of our client’s Murphy beds. Therefore we have setup this FAQ page to ensure your questions are answered.

Most of customers current issues with their Murphy bed not working properly, can be fixed by just using common sense. Although we DO NOT RECOMMEND that you move or disassemble any part of the bed’s mechanism, due to safety issues. Owners can often align door hinges or replace missing screws, if you’re mechanically inclined.

Otherwise Murphy beds if handled and operated with care are very safe to use. Do not jam pillows inside your bed, if you see that your pillows or comforter is not letting the Murphybed close properly… Then either replace your pillows/comforter for a thinner one/s or just don’t leave them inside when you close the bed. Avoid hanging pictures or frames inside of the bed on the wall space.

This and all other information found on this website, is brought to you by many years of experience working on the field installing and servicing Murphybeds. Murphy beds are what we specialize in.

We sincerely hope to have covered all your Murphy bed questions. If you have a question thats buggin you. Feel free to send us an Email with your concern. We’ll reply ASAP.