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Do you repair Murphy beds also?

Do you repair Murphy beds also?

  • Yes, We Repair Murphy beds and also a wide variety of services that we provide.
  • Even if we weren’t the ones that installed or sold to you your bed.
  • All though we do have a Service Call Fee that we charge.


Please Contact us for more information.

How should I clean my murphy bed?

“With What” How should I clean my murphybed ?

  • As we mentioned in earlier, avoid using harsh chemicals.
  • A Product we suggest is Cabinet Wood Magic …leaves it clean but dry “not oily”
  • A humid rag “make sure to dry off quickly”  and only in small sections.
  • Also if it’s just a little dusty a micro fiber rag will do.
  • Remember to always wipe with the grain so that you’ll get less streak marks.

How can I prevent my murphy bed from breaking or discoloring

How can I prevent my murphy bed from breaking or discoloring?

  • Well the best way is to not wipe your furniture down aggressively especially on corners, where the laminate may snag.
  • Never use harsh chemicals that might compromise the color and wellness of your Murphy bed in the future.
  • Avoid placing hot or sweating cups on cabinets for extended periods of time.
  • Do not slam drawers or doors.
  • Never place sharp objects directly on the surface of your murphybed  furniture.
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