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How much is the service call fee?

We have a standard service call fee of 75.00 which goes towards the price of fixing the murphy bed.

Do you repair Murphy beds also?

Do you repair Murphy beds also?

  • Yes, We Repair Murphy beds and also a wide variety of services that we provide.
  • Even if we weren’t the ones that installed or sold to you your bed.
  • All though we do have a Service Call Fee that we charge.


Please Contact us for more information.

How long does it take to install a Murphy bed?

How long does it take to install a Murphy bed?

  • A Murphy bed installation can take anywhere from 1-3 hrs. any how its usually installed in one day.
  • A person should still have the day available to allow time for delivery and just in case if there’s a delay.
  • The more outlets or layout complications such as fillers or moldings, the longer it’ll take

Should we ask questions? Hmm…

When you service, remove, install , re-install my murphy bed, should we  ask questions?

  • Yes. we encourage you to ask any question u feel might change the outcome of your install, service etc…
  • When receiving a Murphybed.  The person in charge should be present in the home the day of install.
  • So to say we don’t install it in the wrong room or location.


As always we’re happy to answer any of your questions.

Are Murphy beds safe?

How safe are these Murphy beds?

  • The new modern Murphy beds are much more safer than the older styles.
  • We now use welded iron and better material than before.
  • Make sure that a professional is installing your bed.
  • Never try to modify or remove parts without out knowing how the mechanism actually works. It could be very dangerous.
  • Never tamper with springs or moving parts.

Is a Wall Bed, Hideaway Bed, the same as a Murphy Bed?

Is a Wall bed, Hideaway bed the same as a Murphy bed?

  1. Usually yes. All though different companies make different styles of “Beds”
    The concept is the same but the actual parts might be alot different.
  2. The Term Murphy bed is not a direct brand name,
    It’s just the style of the bed that was invented by the person named Murphy
    many many years ago. Tho some claim to be the Original Murphy Bed.