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Do I clear the room where the Murphy bed will be installed?

Should I clear the room where my Murphy bed will be installed?

  • Yes! The room should be free and clear of all furniture especially if your Murphy bed contains alot of pieces.
  • Reason is we have to build it on the floor then raise it to the upright position.
  • There is also a lot of tools involved in building a Murphy bed.
  • Even Hallways leading to the room should be cleared.

Does the Murphy bed go screwed into the floor?

In most cases …Yes.

  • We secure your Murphy bed into the floor with heavy duty screws. Your floor being cement, wood, tile, porcelain, marble, etc…
  • There is an alternative. If perhaps you don’t own the place where the Murphybed going to be installed.
  • We do have a “No-drill into the floor option” called a Peripheral Base.  Ask for details…

It bolts directly to your cabinets of your Murphy bed instead of the floor.

This installation is an alternative to the conventional way of installing it. Still very safe!

What if I move-How do I remove it?

If you call us we will go to your place and uninstall your Murphy bed, deliver it and reinstall it at your new place.

Being a home, business, warehouse or studio doesn’t matter.

Give us a call…