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Why aren’t my Bifold murphy bed doors align, aligned, aligning?

Why aren’t my Bifold murphy bed doors align, aligned, aligning?

This is a fairly easy one, your house is crooked?? “j/k”…. (sense of humor added 😆 )

  • There are different style hinges, most of them have a screw where you can turn it so it pulls the door closer or further apart.
  • You should check your hinges see if there isn’t any broken ones.
  • Also if your bed is mounted on a floor thats not leveled, it can cause ur doors to not align.
  • Some older models of murphybeds dont have adjustable hinges. therefore u have to dismount/remount your doors.

As a company we offer all these services.
We call it a “Service Call” There is a minimum fee involved, contact us for more details.

What if my murphy bed Panel doesn’t want to close or open?

Well their could be alot of factors in this scenario.

1. Check for pillows/comforters that might be caught on the headboard not letting it pull up.

2. Is the Murphybed positioned correctly on its track?

3. Is it locked, in the up position?

4. Although most Murphybeds dont have a lock option, just make sure.

5. Free all moving parts from way of interruption of its own movement.

Chances are the answer is either very simple or very complicated either case. You shouldn’t tamper with it. But you can try to inspect or browse the problem. Otherwise if the Murphybed is stuck. it shouldn’t be forced to move in any direction (open or close). It might be unstable.

Why is my Murphy bed so heavy?

The reason/s your Murphybed is too heavy vary from bed to bed

“Spring loaded mechanism”

  1. Maybe your springs are worn out.
  2. Did you recently get an new thicker mattress?
  3. You might need to add extra springs.
  4. There’s a possibility your springs got disattached.

There are many variables that may be causing your bed to feel more heavy.

  1. If you didn’t find the solution here to your question…
  2. Contact our Customer Service department

What if my bed isn’t “Spring Loaded”, or if i’m not sure what it is??

We suggest you contact a professional.

Do not tamper with the mechanism.

It can be very dangerous!