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Are Murphy beds safe?

How safe are these Murphy beds?

  • The new modern Murphy beds are much more safer than the older styles.
  • We now use welded iron and better material than before.
  • Make sure that a professional is installing your bed.
  • Never try to modify or remove parts without out knowing how the mechanism actually works. It could be very dangerous.
  • Never tamper with springs or moving parts.

Is a Wall Bed, Hideaway Bed, the same as a Murphy Bed?

Is a Wall bed, Hideaway bed the same as a Murphy bed?

  1. Usually yes. All though different companies make different styles of “Beds”
    The concept is the same but the actual parts might be alot different.
  2. The Term Murphy bed is not a direct brand name,
    It’s just the style of the bed that was invented by the person named Murphy
    many many years ago. Tho some claim to be the Original Murphy Bed.

Does the Murphy bed go screwed into the floor?

In most cases …Yes.

  • We secure your Murphy bed into the floor with heavy duty screws. Your floor being cement, wood, tile, porcelain, marble, etc…
  • There is an alternative. If perhaps you don’t own the place where the Murphybed going to be installed.
  • We do have a “No-drill into the floor option” called a Peripheral Base.  Ask for details…

It bolts directly to your cabinets of your Murphy bed instead of the floor.

This installation is an alternative to the conventional way of installing it. Still very safe!